Tony Terlato Looks Back Over his 60 Years in the Biz
FILED DECEMBER 18, 2014 This year, Terlato Wine Group patriarch Tony "The Father of Pinot Grigio" Terlato is celebrating his 80th birthday and nearly 60 years in the wine business. Tony cut his teeth in his father's retail wine and spirits store as early as 1955 and went on to propel the evolution of the category as a distributor, importer, marketer and producer. WSD recently had the opportunity to talk with Tony about the trends he's seeing now and how the wine business has changed during his tenure. Read More
Diageo Chief: Slowdown a Result of Pricing Competition, Weak On-Trade
FILED DECEMBER 17, 2014 Like many retailers this holiday season, Diageo reported lackluster Thanksgiving sales in a progress update call with analysts this morning. Although the last two weeks of December are "crucial," Diageo North America chief Larry Schwartz says the company's first half sales (ending December) will broadly be flat. Read More
TWE to Break Open its Wallet to Secure High-End Wine Supply
FILED DECEMBER 16, 2014 "For too long, our company's financial performance has been impacted by trading performances, which has led to us becoming an order taker rather than an order driver," said Treasury Wine Estate Chief Mike Clarke in the Australian wine company's annual general meeting this morning. But Mike and his team have created a strategic plan to make TWE "the world's most celebrated wine company." Read More
Diageo, Mexcor Attorneys Hammer Home Arguments in Infringement Case
FILED DECEMBER 15, 2014 Earlier this month, the trial to determine whether Houston's Mexcor company infringed on Diageo's trademarks for Crown Royal began and your editor has been on site to provide an exclusive look into the process [see WSD 12-05-2014 and WSD 12-09-2014] Having thoroughly cross-examined all of the witnesses, attorneys for both sides attempted to sway the jury in their favor one last time on Friday before deliberation began. Read More
Survey: 80% of Wineries Deem 2014 a Good Year
FILED DECEMBER 12, 2014 The overwhelming majority of wineries felt that 2014 was a good year, according to Silicon Valley Bank's (SVB) annual wine condition survey. In fact, 79% claimed this to be the case while 14% claimed to have a "year of treading water" and only 7% claimed to have a disappointing year. Read More
Gallo Finds Dinner, Relaxing and TV are Top Wine Occasions
FILED DECEMBER 11, 2014 In the past, the wine category often asked consumers to conform their tastes to the industry's standards in both packaging and liquid quality, but millennials have largely proven they won't conform and as a result, the wine industry has begun to cater to what they want. To better understand the current behaviors of "frequent wine drinkers" in the US, E & J Gallo has begun an annual proprietary survey. Read More
Part II with Copper & Kings Chief Joe Heron
FILED DECEMBER 10, 2014 Earlier this week, we published the first part of an interview with Copper & Kings founder Joe Heron [see WSD 12-08-2014]. Today, we'll pick up where we left off in the conversation as Joe shares who is drinking brandy and his initial observations on the craft distilling category. Read More
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