Pulling Back the Curtain at MGPI
FILED MAY 27, 2016 Kansas-based MGP Ingredients produces about 70% of rye whiskey volumes in the US, 65% of gin volumes and 8% of US whiskey, and yet, they have long flown under the radar of the media and consumers alike. But things have begun to change since former Brown-Forman exec Gus Griffin took on the role of ceo in July 2014. The company has been making strides in not only growing its spirits division, but participating in the spirits community which it serves. Read More
More Color on RNDC Indictment in Maryland
FILED MAY 26, 2016 Following the announcement that a federal grand jury in Maryland had indicted RNDC and three of its employees on charges for an alleged alcohol smuggling scheme [see WSD 05-24-2016], your editors began sifting through the relevant court documents for more info. Read More
More on What McLane Move Could Mean
FILED MAY 25, 2016 Yesterday, we reported that Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary McLane Company, a huge distributor of food products, cigarettes, candy and sundries, has taken the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to court over the state's tied house laws and the frequency of enforcement [see WSD 05-24-2016]. Read More
Maryland Indicts RNDC Employees for $9 Million Spirits "Smuggling Scheme"
FILED MAY 24, 2016 A federal grand jury in Maryland has indicted Republic National Distributing Company and three of its employees on charges for a "scheme to defraud the state and city of New York, and registered New York liquor wholesalers." Read More
McLane Determined to Distribute Alcohol in TX
FILED MAY 24, 2016 The Texas alcohol landscape could be in for some major changes in the next few years. In addition to Walmart's push for alcohol in grocery and the Southern-Glazer's merger, WSD has learned Warren Buffet's food distribution business, McLane Company, is getting serious about its desire to handle alcohol in the state. Read More
Ding Ding: NY Empire Wine Bill Round 2
FILED MAY 23, 2016 The New York legislature has introduced two, slightly altered Empire Wine Bills this month. The bills (S07728 and A10248) once again attempt to define and limit the New York State Liquor Authority's (NYSLA) ability to sanction a licensee (retailer or wholesaler) for perceived violations of another state's laws unless under very specific situations. Read More
WhistlePig Board Attempts to Oust Raj Bhakta
FILED MAY 23, 2016 An internal power struggle has boiled over, and WhistlePig founder Raj Bhakta has been forcibly removed from the company. The local press is reporting two shareholders, Wilco Faessen, managing director for Barclays in New York, and Christopher Evison, who is the chief investment officer for the Santo Domingo family in Colombia (the second largest shareholder of SABMiller), accused Raj of "fraud and criminal activity." Read More
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