NY Judge Dismisses Illegal Wine Shipping Suit
FILED NOVEMBER 21, 2014 A New York State Supreme Court judge has dismissed the lawsuit between Empire Wines and the NY State Liquor Authority (NYSLA). Judge George Ceresia rejected Empire's complaint claiming, "the Court is of the view that (SLA) possesses abundant statutory authority to commence and maintain a license revocation proceeding." Read More
Sources say Grand Marnier Up for Sale
FILED NOVEMBER 21, 2014 French Cognac maker Grand Marnier Group is said to be exploring "strategic options" including the idea of a sale. The company is valued at more than $430 million, reports Bloomberg. Anonymous sources have narrowed down the potential bidders to private-equity firms and other liquor makers. So at this point, the only company we can confidently say is not a potential bidder is Wine & Spirits Daily. Read More
DeLeon Gunning to Dethrone Patron
FILED NOVEMBER 20, 2014 In January, Diageo and Sean "Diddy" Combs announced they had purchased tequila brand DeLeon together. You'll recall, it made headlines because Diageo had just taken a hit having recently split with Jose Cuervo [see WSD 01-08-2014 ]. After the acquisition, DeLeon went dark and stayed out of the limelight most of the year. Some members of the industry got restless - one distributor told us DeLeon's performance was "disappointing." Read More
Part II with Trinchero's Bob Torkelson
FILED NOVEMBER 19, 2014 Yesterday, we published the first part of an interview with Trinchero Family Estates (TFE) president Bob Torkelson [see WSD 11-18-2014]. Today, we'll continue with the second part of the conversation, in which we discuss the company's new spirits portfolio. Read More
Trinchero Chief: We Identify What Consumers Want and Give it to Them
FILED NOVEMBER 18, 2014 Weighing in at 18 million cases and over 50 brands, Trinchero Family Estates is the fourth largest wine company in the US. As a driving force behind white zinfandel, and more recently the explosion of red blends, it has built a reputation for innovating within the wine category. In keeping with that reputation, it entered the spirits category in 2013 and now boasts a collection of four brands. Read More
Whiskey Fungus Case Resurrected in KY Appeals Court
FILED NOVEMBER 17, 2014 On Friday, the Kentucky Court of Appeals reopened the whiskey fungus lawsuit against Brown-Forman and Heaven Hill by overturning a lower court's dismissal of the suit. You may recall, the particularly whiskey fungus suit is backed by Shively, Kentucky residents and business owners who claim the fungus fed by ethanol vapors is damaging to their properties. Read More
Constellation Chief Unpacks the Trends Driving Industry-wide Change
FILED NOVEMBER 14, 2014 Earlier this week, we published a story on prominent winemakers branching out into the spirits space. In keeping with that theme, Constellation Brands chief Rob Sands began a presentation at the Beer Insights Seminar this week by telling listeners that "there's no such thing anymore as a wine guy or a beer guy or a spirits guy." The amount of people who drink wine, spirits or beer exclusively is very low. Beer-only drinkers, for example, are around 13%, he said. Read More
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