Angel's Envy Co-Founder Buys Majority of Corner Creek Distillery

FILED APRIL 15, 2016

Espiritus, the sales and marketing company formed by Angel's Envy co-founder Jay Maltby and former Brown-Forman exec Chuck Chand, has acquired a majority interest in Kentucky's Corner Creek Distillery Co.

Corner Creek was founded by Ted Kraut and Eliot Levin in 1998. They own Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, a 88-proof Kentucky straight bourbon aged between four and eight years. It retails for approximately $32. Moreover, the founders had the foresight to sit on some aging (and valuable) whiskey stocks. Ted was bought out of the company, but Eliot will remain a "significant shareholder" working "closely with the Espiritus team."

"Corner Creek has many of the same qualities of Angel's Envy great taste, distinctive package, and loyal customers. Most importantly, in a growing Bourbon market, it has a stock of mature Bourbon," Jay says in a release.

We've previously reported on the launch of Espiritus and its $30 million spirits venture fund [see WSD 02-23-2016]. Recall, the company also handles Blue Nectar Tequila, The Lost Distillery Scottish Whisky Co. and Virginia Distillery Company Highland Malt Whisky.

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