Amazon Puts a Cork in Wine Program


Dear Client: sent a letter this afternoon via senior account manager Dini V. Rao, announcing "we have recently decided not to resume shipping. As you know, we were excited to work with you to build the AmazonWine business. For that reason, this was a very tough choice for us."

Although they do not specify whether the program is off or not, many are speculating this could be the end. They apologized for not resuming shipping and acknowledged that "many of you took the time and leap of faith to really support us. Thank you so much! I am sorry that we won't get to realize the vision on which we have collaborated."

Recall that New Vine Logistics (recently acquired by Inertia Beverage Group) had struck a deal to partner with AmazonWine but it looks like the program could fall through as many in the industry feared would happen. As direct shippers know, it's not easy shipping wine across state lines and perhaps Amazon realized working around state laws was more than they had bargained for. Third party marketers especially face tough scrutiny from many ABC boards.

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