FILED JULY 1, 2006

Bacardi is being sued by a woman claiming to have suffered horrific burns during a stunt involving flaming rum during a promotional event at a Miami nightclub in August 2002.

The lawsuit, filed on Monday (July 24) states that Danielle Alleyne from Miami was burned after a customer set light to a menu in the club and placed it in the stream of alcohol a bartender was pouring at the time. The alcohol - identified as Bacardi 151 proof rum - turned into a flame thrower, the lawsuit states.

“The burning rum stuck to her skin and continued to burn as she fell to the floor and tried to put herself out,” the lawsuit claims. Alleyne says she suffered second and third degree burns on her face, neck, chest and back and is permanently disabled and disfigured.

The suit alleges that Bacardi 151 proof rum “emits a high volume of combustible and explosive vapour” which makes it “unreasonably dangerous” and defective.

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