Diageo US Business Returns to Growth
FILED JULY 28, 2016 One year after announcing Deirdre Mahlan would step in to clean up the mess at Diageo North America, the company's largest market is back to solid growth with net sales up 3% for the fiscal year ended June 30. US spirits alone grew net sales by 3% and volume by 1%. Read More
Stifel Predicts Impending Restaurant Recession
FILED JULY 27, 2016 A recent Stifel survey showed a deceleration in restaurant same-store sales across all categories during the second quarter, which could indicate "the start of a US restaurant recession," wrote Stifel analyst Paul Westra in a note to clients. Read More
Why You Won't Be Seeing a $20 Michter's Whiskey
FILED JULY 26, 2016 Yesterday, we published the first part of our interview with Michter's president Joe Magliocco [see WSD 07-25-2016]. Today we'll pick up right where we left off as Joe discusses how the brand is positioned within the whiskey category and why you'll probably never see a $20 bottle of Michter's. Read More
Michter's Chief Spills on the Whiskey's "Beyond Normal" Production Methods
FILED JULY 25, 2016 The Michter's whiskey brand was established as far back as 1753, but it has changed hands several times over the years and seen more than one owner file for bankruptcy. It lay dormant until Chatham Imports picked up the trademark in the mid-'90s and now the brand is doing better than any time in its history. The current iteration of the brand has been on the market for around 10 years, and now handles its own production at the 67,000-square-foot distillery in Louisville. Read More
How much Inventory is the Average Bar Sitting On?
FILED JULY 22, 2016 Maintaining alcohol inventory is a tedious crucial component of running a successful bar or restaurant. But how good at it is the average on-premise venue? The typical amount of alcohol inventory at a US bar or restaurant is 2.1 week's worth of beer, 6 weeks of spirits and 4.2 weeks of wine, according to a recent note from BevSpot, a bar inventory software company. Read More
Penn Alcohol Reform Creates "Whole New Biz Model" for Small Producers
FILED JULY 21, 2016 Last month Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed a bill to reform the Keystone state's alcohol system [see WSD 06-08-2016]. We are continuing to unearth the full extent of the changes, but our most recent discovery could be a big boost for "limited" alcohol producers, AKA craft. Read More
Remy Cointreau Reports "Very Strong" US Performance
FILED JULY 20, 2016 As was expected, Remy Cointreau delivered a flattish global performance for its first quarter of fiscal 2016/2017 ended in June. But the portfolio did see a double-digit organic sales boost in the Americas region, driven by a "very strong" performance in the US. Read More
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