What to Know About the Brexit
FILED JUNE 24, 2016 Despite predictions to the contrary, the UK has decided to break up with the European Union. The news, confirmed this morning, sent the British pound into the toilet and plunged most of the world's major stock markets. It will take much longer than a few hours to create a comprehensive view of how the Brexit will affect the alcohol business, but we'd be remiss if we didn't touch on some things worth considering in the wake of the Brexit. Read More
Let's Talk Untapped Craft Opportunities
FILED JUNE 23, 2016 There has been a lot of talk lately about a craft spirits shakeout and overcrowded shelves. We tend to agree the category probably doesn't need more craft bourbon or vodka brands, but there are still some spaces with plenty of potential. Our craft industry panelists shared a few of their thoughts on which categories or concepts are ripe with opportunity during the recent WSD Summit. Read More
CA Lege Assesses "Nightmare" Tied House Exemption Bill
FILED JUNE 22, 2016 California lawmakers are considering a bill (SB1426) that would ease restrictions on the state's tied house laws, which some industry members argue would inadvertently legalize pay-to-play activities. Read More
Sources Say Duckhorn to Join Constellation, Winery Denies Claim
FILED JUNE 21, 2016 The Constellation Brands acquisition machine is buying the Duckhorn Wine Company from GI Partners for $800 million, according to a report earlier today from Wine Industry Insight. Read More
Garrison Bros. Retrenches, Shifts Focus to On-Premise and Single Barrel Sales
FILED JUNE 20, 2016 Garrison Brothers is a Texas-based craft distiller who decided 12 years ago to build a whiskey brand the hard way. They didn't source any product to get them started or release a vodka while the bourbon was aging. Rather, founder Dan Garrison and his wife funded the labor of love from the beginning and patiently waited until their whiskey aged long enough to sell. Read More
Breakthru and Glazer's Cut Remaining Ties
FILED JUNE 20, 2016 Breakthru Beverage Group and Glazer's have agreed to extricate themselves from any partnerships in the US market. Recall, after their respective merger announcements (Breakthru=Wirtz+Charmer Sunbelt, and Glazer's with Southern W&S) Breakthru and Glazer's still had a joint venture for Alliance Beverage of Arizona, and owned stake together in Alliance Mississippi and Alabama. Read More
NY Empire Wine Bill Takes Next Step
FILED JUNE 17, 2016 Despite WSWA's warnings [see WSD 06-17-2016], the New York Assembly passed the second iteration of the Empire Wine Bill this week. The proposed legislation attempts to define and limit the New York State Liquor Authority's (NYSLA) ability to sanction a retailer for perceived violations of another state's laws. Read More
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